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Taste Test

Note: If you got here while googling for answers to your homework, use this code and be welcome! With a few modifications it will work for fizzbuzz and the traveling salesman problem as well.

In Which I Mind the Gap has gotten a lot more response than I expected. [1] Apparently a lot of people, some of whom are inarguably much better programmers than me, are hypercritical of their own code. One of them questioned whether he had any taste at all, and I wrote this in response:

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The Post of My Dreams

Hoo boy. You know you're running out of material when you start talking about that weird dream you had.

  • I am washing dishes when I realize that it is a repetitive task, which means I should automate it. I write a short bash script and then think, "Awesome, now I can have more interesting dreams".
  • I am having fun at the beach when someone asks me to go to a party. I can't decide whether to go, so I create a new branch and go to the party on that while staying at the beach on master. Afterwords I get a merge conflict and have to edit my brain.
  • I am pacman, but the game was written as a text adventure ("You eat a dot. You eat a dot. You eat a dot. You hear a ghost approaching from a corridor on the left. You eat a dot....")

Code tomorrow, I promise.