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The Post of My Dreams

Hoo boy. You know you're running out of material when you start talking about that weird dream you had.

  • I am washing dishes when I realize that it is a repetitive task, which means I should automate it. I write a short bash script and then think, "Awesome, now I can have more interesting dreams".
  • I am having fun at the beach when someone asks me to go to a party. I can't decide whether to go, so I create a new branch and go to the party on that while staying at the beach on master. Afterwords I get a merge conflict and have to edit my brain.
  • I am pacman, but the game was written as a text adventure ("You eat a dot. You eat a dot. You eat a dot. You hear a ghost approaching from a corridor on the left. You eat a dot....")

Code tomorrow, I promise.


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