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All Good Things

This will be my last blog post for a while. Over the last couple of weeks I've had a lot of fun writing these daily posts, and looked forward to the resulting conversations with my amazingly smart and thoughtful friends.

Over the same period, I've also seen the pain in my left wrist and hand go from irritating to scary. I typed the last couple of posts one-handed, and while the left is doing a little better, it is not healed - and the right is starting to hurt as well. I toughed it out for too long and am paying the price of using both constitution and wisdom as dump stats.

With OPW starting in a couple weeks, I can't risk exacerbating this problem any further. I've made a doctor's appointment for Monday and will be doing my best to not touch a keyboard or mouse in the intervening time.

I'll do my best to stay as available as possible. I'll read my email, but probably only respond to important or time sensitive things - it depends on how much time my husband has to take dictation. Requests from friends to skype or hangout definitely count as important!

This means pausing some conversations I was really enjoying, and flaking out on a couple of commitments which I would really prefer to follow through on. It was a difficult decision, but I can't ignore what my body is saying any longer. I'm very sorry for any trouble this causes anyone.


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